Half Price

SBM 2x

Get ready for a fiery entry into the rap scene as SBM 2x, a West L.A. native, drops his debut track, ‘Half Price.’ This is a game-changer, a relentless and raw introduction to SBM 2x’s undeniable talent. His first release, and he’s coming in hot! ‘Half Price’ is a dynamic blend of lyrics and beats that’s impossible to ignore. SBM 2x’s energy and style hit you right from the start, making it clear that he’s here to make an impact. It’s not just a song; it’s a statement. If you’re looking for the freshest sound in the rap game, look no further. SBM 2x’s ‘Half Price’ is the real deal, and it’s available for streaming now. Don’t miss out on this exciting new talent.

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