Jais Steakhouse
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July 2020
Jai's Steakhouse
Jai's Steakhouse

Jai’s steakhouse wanted to make people aware of what they had to offer and amplify their efforts to promote their culinary services. Hikey Solutions provided marketing materials such as flyers, menus, and a website to improve their social standing and a more professional overall social media presence.

Having delicious food but struggling to showcase it how they wanted was the main problem. They needed a way to showcase their talents and improve their reach because their current platform wasn’t enough.

Hikey Solutions has created a website with a full menu, and catering service section, complete with a payment gateway so they can digitally accept payments through the site from perspective customers. Their site is able to accept any major credit or debit card with a direct payout to their accounts in a completely secure transaction. We have crafted marketing materials (menus and flyers) in similar fashion to the site as a cohesive marketing campaign which increased their overall social media visibility.

We create digital ideas that are bigger, broader, braver and better.

Since creating their menus, and website Jai’s Steakhouse has seen a significant increase in both post reach and engagements on Facebook.

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