Kadence Naturals
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Jan 2019
Kadence Naturals
Kadence naturals

Kadence Naturals was looking to implement a look that spoke to their user base and represented their core values. They came to Hikey Solutions to help them bolster their product sales by creating labels for their tinctures, body oils, and craft their social media campaign.

Kadence Naturals is a cannabis based business so successfully creating a proper look in this market is a delicate matter. We proceeded to execute a professional marketing scheme for it to work smoothly. There are a lot of company’s that do it incorrectly, get flagged and are unable to run ads for this particular product.

We have successfully created a logo and labels that are not only physically professional but speaks to the core of the company. Their sole purpose is for the betterment of the body. We have increased their audience reach and have made for clearer communication from them to their user base.

We formulate ideas that generate results.

“We have gone from zero to 1,453 Followers. Without the help of Hikey Solutions we would still be floundering. They have been extremely helpful in creating Instagram content. More importantly also providing insight on detailed things like fonts. They are truly Top Drawer! Thank You Hikey Solutions!!!”

– Kadence Naturals

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